January 2016


  • Equine Affair is coming up in April 7-10 at the Ohio Expo Center.
  • The state OHC meeting was this past weekend at Salt fork. There were a lot of members there and there were 47 on Sunday the Ohio Trail Partnership (OTP) workday will be March 14th. August 5-7 is the Youth Horse camp for 12-17 years old. The Secondary membership will happen in March. The by-laws are being changed  to put a stop to secondary members voting.




Secretary’s Report

Sent around copies of the October  meeting  minutes  the October minutes were also read . Sue Rutherford   made a motion to approve the minutes . Seconded by  Paul Wilson  . Motion Passed.

Sue Rutherford made a motion to amend the reading of the reading of the minutes for the rest of the year. Seconded by Paul Wilson. Motion Passed.


Treasurer’s Report

Barb Stevens gave the treasurer’s report and  we have a balance of  $6,498.69

Jan Dean won the free membership for 2016.


Committee/Other Reports

Cards-Pam Hamlin –

Card sent to Bonnie Clary for Bill in the hospital.


Corral News- Sue Rutherford- 

Sue has volunteered to do the Corral this year. Please make sure that you get any pictures and information that you may have to Sue by the 5th of each month.


Facebook- Charlene Santee-

Judy Preston has turned over the admins of facebook to Charlene. Charlene could use some help with that.


News Group-Charlene Santee and Barb Stevens-

No Report


News Letter –  Barb Stevens

Barb Stevens is going to continue to do the newsletter for a while but may need some help with it latter on.

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