Trail Ride Schedule

2019 LCOHC Ride Schedule *Pending

LCOHC members are invited and encouraged to join in on all rides.  Weekend rides just mean you are welcome to camp, but if you are not a camper, come ride as a day ride.  Try to be there, tacked up, and in the saddle by 10am.  We generally have a pot luck supper on Saturday night and all LCOHC members are welcome whether you are riding or not.  Just bring something for the pot.

  1. Please stay on designated trails only.
  2. Please pay camping fees where they are charged.  Group camps are covered by LCOHC.
  3. If the park has a log book, please register as this helps keep our parks a live.
  4. Please observe park laws regarding Alcohol, Dogs on leashes, and ponied horses on lead line.
  5. Please clean up after your horses in campground and parking lot.  Dispose of manure in bins when provided.
  6. Rides at AEP lands require a one time, life time permit. (

Remember to be courteous of fellow campers and to land a hand to new campers! We all started out new and learned as went along with the help of other!

See you on the trails!